“My name is Danielle and my story with binary options began with one of the most magical moments a woman can live – with the birth of my first child…
Like most young mothers, I had to stay on maternity leave. Actually, the statement “I had to” is not advisable here, because every woman wants to spend as much time with her child as possible. I had many things to do, contrary to appearances, looking after a child is not as easy as it may seem. It requires a sizeable perseverance and, above all, motivation. Love always helps. Unfortunately, when I came back, I got fired after a short period, sadly, in accordance with the applicable law. I do not know whether they employed someone else to replace me place, I didn’t delve into it – I stayed at home and my husband dealt with financial matters. But I did not want to be passive – it was difficult for me to find a job, although he insisted that I should not do it and look after our child because he earned good money and could handle it. However, I felt that I needed to do something and I started at least to look for a job on the Internet.
It was not easy, I had been cheated several times – all visions about earnings ceased to make an impression on me, until I found the binary options. Thanks to them, today I do not have to worry about finance-related matters, because we are doing very well and I also make money. The money I manage to earn through the binary options not only helps to pay the bills, but also allows me to save some money and buy me, my husband and my daughter anything I want. Within the reasonable limits, of course. There are months that I earn 3000, and sometimes even a lot more, 5000 and more. We also save my husband’s money and sometimes we spend something on trips or renovations, and we have a lot to do at home which we inherited from my grandmother. Of course, you do not make such amounts right away, although such luck does happen sometimes – it really is possible after gaining some experience and information.”

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