Top Options

Binary options platforms spring up like “mushrooms after the rain,” however, still the most popular platforms are those which are the largest, the most professional ones and, above of all, the ones which offer its customers a satisfaction guarantee and, of course, safety. TopOptions platform is one of them.
Why Top Options?
It is the first binary options broker regulated by the European Union and holding a license and, in addition, it is also subject to the supervision of the EU. This broker is an innovator in binary options, which offers its customers an extremely wide range of products, both for beginners and for more advanced users. The platform allows you to use multiple transactional tools, services and, of course, products that are extremely profitable for professionals, or which constitute outstanding support for people known as new investors who are just entering the binary options market.

An extremely significant element of this investment platform is a guarantee of safety and trust. The company is fully solvent and, most importantly, professional. The Platform has been designed by a group of specialists, among whom there were experienced investors. As a result, they managed to create a system that is extremely friendly, both for beginners and for those more advanced investors.
The most striking feature of the TopOption platform is a possibility to use over 180 instruments, that is the assets that are found nowhere else! The platform is easy to use and allows you to quickly carry out transactions due to the direct access. The platform operates in the cloud, so you can log in to the system from anywhere in the world and participate in transactions on the financial markets throughout the world. As in the case of other systems, also here there is no need to install any software – the platform operates via the browser.

Deciding to use the platform Top Options, you can choose from three types of trading accounts:
Starter account – allocated after paying a deposit of up to $999
Pro account – allocated after paying a deposit of between $1,000 to $4,999
VIP account – allocated to persons paying a deposit in the amount from $5,000

The advantages and characteristics of the TopOptions platform:
transaction security
simple and clear rules
platform accessible from a browser, on the website
high profits from each winning transaction
varied, highly advanced types of option expiry

the platform available from mobile devices
wide range of assets, that is the instruments of transaction (over 180)

quick and easy procedures
competitive rates related to risk management
assistance of experts, also in person
large range of trading products
licensed broker
unique transactional features
extensive resource centre
On the official website you can also take advantage of guides and trainings or use the FAQ, that is the frequently asked questions. If you have any doubt, you can also contact the Service Office, which provides assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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