uTrader is one of many binary options brokers currently available on the market. It is primarily characterised by a very dynamic development and a really interesting offer for potential and current customers. Above all, this broker offers a Polish platform and a Polish-language customer service. The platform allows customers to pay in the Polish currency, and the minimum deposit is only 700 zloty.

Why uTrader?
If you are wondering why you should choose this binary options broker, you absolutely need to know its most characteristic features. The uTrader broker includes among others: customer service support
low minimum deposit (PLN700/$200)
minimum investment for the option from 30-300 seconds is PLN15
more than 100 assets of different types (currencies, shares, commodities and indexes)
popular as well as more exotic assets

What makes uTrader stand out among other brokers offering similar platforms?
These are the main advantages of uTrader:
enhanced possibility to increase profit from a single transaction
rollover feature allowing to change the result of the trade, in the case of an unsuccessful transaction
bonuses – there is a possibility of receiving up to 200% bonus, it is an option to negotiate
As the developers of the platform and the beneficiaries of this solution claim, it is primarily a secure and competitive solution in comparison with other platforms. You can take advantage of the demo account and consultations with specialists. The rules are very simple and well explained, that is why everyone, even a layman, can handle moving around the platform.

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